We print all files at 300dpi unless otherwise stated. We can not decide what size your artwork should be, it is your vision. If you have printed elsewhere and are looking to match your previous printing companies colourations we strongly advise that you start by ordering a metre sample/strike off with us and that you send us a physical sample of what you would like us to match. There is a fee of £50 per design for getting a close a match as possible from fabric you have had printed elsewhere previous. This is a lengthy process of trial and error so we have to charge accordingly. Every printing company is different and there is no guarantee ours will print exactly the same as another companies from varying ink brands and base fabrics even with this service. We take no responsibility of variation of colours and shades if you have not done a sample metre of said files in advance with us. Different bases, and even batches, may yield slightly different results. Please make sure you check your designs on as many monitor screens and phones possible. Please remember that if you have any type of blue light filter or night mode on a device it will impair the colouration of the design.  Some phones and laptops over saturate designs and can view in what seems like completely different colours. If in any doubt please order a sample/strike off metre first. Bases may vary over time.


Please read our About Us & Info section at the bottom of the page to understand what type of printers we are and what may, or may not be, our limitations. Especially if your artwork has solid black/really dark colour backgrounds or dayglow/really bright colours apart from yellow.

We pride ourselves in being able to get very high detail with jersey type fabrics that are prone to ink bleed with many printers.


Minimum of 1 metre per a design. All orders are only accepted in whole metres.

The amount you pay is for total metres ordered no matter how many designs you wish to print subject to the correct purchase or deal being ordered.

Please include your order number in the subject header of the email you send your files with.

Failure to do this could result in delays with matching up orders to files or even missed completely. Please only use a transfer company if you are sending high quality tiffs or your files will not expire.

Where to send your files.

Once you have placed the order please send your files to as attachments or through a file transfer company.

Yarns change throughout the seasons and even though the final knits will be the weights they say they are they may feel slightly thicker or thinner at different times. Being a naturally grown product there is no exact science involved and even throughout a roll some parts may weigh in slightly different depending whether you take a sample from the middle or the sides of the roll. All weights are an estimated all over. We weigh all new batches that feel different before printing to make sure they are as stated. 

Please note.

Some designs that have been created in Apples Procreate Display P3 colour gamut can lose some of its details and have quite large colour/shade shifts once printed. Once the file has been created using the Display P3 profile in Procreate there is no going back. Please check with your professional designer in regards to the colour profile they use as they should know. We can and will still print them, but take no responsibility in the colour variations or lack of detail that may take place.

The minimum file resolution should be 300dpi.

This is really important.

Please include your file dimensions in either centimetres or inches and not pixels if known. Pixels are no use for a physical format. This will help stop any errors on scaling. We are not responsible for scaling and will print everything at 300dpi unless otherwise instructed. Please avoid making any files twice the size than they were designed at as they will not yield the best results when printing and may pixelate. From experience I would never recommend going larger than an extra 30% larger than the original tile dimensions.

By placing an order with us you agree to the terms and conditions and info provided throughout our site.