Terms and conditions.
Please report any queries within 24 hours of delivery in writing via email.
Bespoke Goods are not eligible for cancellation, returns or refund. These include but are not limited to:
  • Print your own
  • Any of our exclusive prints or stock designs as these are printed to order in house for you
  • Any fabrics that we generally do not stock but have ordered in for a you personally
Other reasons, but not limited to, when eligibility for refunds does not apply:
  • Marks, flaws or hard edges within 5cm of the selvedge
  • If the fabric has been cut in any way, washed or made into items (further processed)
  • If we run over a lead time, as long as its within reason.
  • Where there may be a small amount of miss print or flaw no more than a 50 pence piece
  • Where fabrics feel slightly different from a previous batch even if they weigh the same
Lead Times:
Lead times solely fall to what is on the belt at your time of order. With textile printing we are able to keep turn around times down by not changing the 50 metre rolls of fabric each time for each order, like we would have to do if we went through the list in 100% complete order, which can take over half an hour at a time to set the machine up again. This also reduces a massive amount of wastage each time from what the industry calls "roll on and roll off". Its not like a home desktop machine where you just put different paper into it :) . This means you may see some dispatch screenshots shared where the client has had their fabrics printed in less than 2 days. This will be due to the way we dance about the list to make sure our printer keeps running to keep production to a maximum and lead times down. This can be between 50 different orders at a time. This also applies if you order different bases in a single order in which your order may take a little more over the lead time depending what your prints are to be on, especially poplin.
If we spot a major fault whilst printing a long run we will not reprint the whole run again but stop and continue what is left.
One metre per print is classed as strike off/sample and can vary from 90-110cm. If a sample metre has not been ordered before a main run we accept no responsibility if you do not like the result. If you have a dispute in regards to colours not matching a previous run with us (within a 10% +\- difference) send both the uncut or further unprocessed fabric, along with a sample of the original pigment printed fabric supplied by us, back to us to send for lab testing to make sure both the bases are from ourselves. We hold batch numbers and samples of those batches in case this may ever occur.
Our jersey is knitted here in the UK. It has great colourfastness, rub fastness and recovery.
We can guarantee that the surface is not chemically etched and that any organic yarns have adhered to the strict rules of a certain well known global company who specialise in the organic textile industry that makes sure both the processes and its ethical practices are enforced to their high standard.
Yarns change throughout the seasons and even though the final knits will be the weights they say they are they may feel slightly thicker or thinner at different times. Being a naturally grown product there is no exact science involved and even throughout a roll some parts may weigh in slightly different depending whether you take a sample from the middle or the sides of the roll. All weights are an estimated all over. We weigh all new batches that feel different before printing to make sure they are as stated. 
We will print your file as you have sent it at 300dpi unless otherwise stated. We will do our best to notice any issues before printing but it is your responsibility to make sure your tile is seamless and the correct size. If once printed you are not happy with the scale, any art errors or quality of the print due to any incorrect dpi when the file was first made it will be down to the client to pay for file adjustments and the reprinting of the run. 
If you have printed elsewhere and are looking to match your previous printing companies colourations we strongly advise that you start by ordering a metre with us and that you send us a physical sample of what you would like us to match. Physical sample matching is possible at a fee. Every printer is different and so are base fabrics and there is no guarantee ours will print exactly the same as another companies. Please make sure you check your designs on as many monitor screens and phones possible. Please remember that if you have any type of blue light filter or night mode on a device it will impair the colouration of the design.  If in any doubt please order a metre sample first. We only check files as we go to print so it is really important to include the dpi and tile size in centimetres or inches to prevent delay on print time. Pixels is no use for an actual physical product.
We have found that it is best to stay away from the Display P3 colour profile that is Apple based that came out in 2015. This profile is the default colour profile for Procreate and is designed to suit their monitor displays. Even though it is RGB based we have found it to have many colour issues and loss of details when it comes to physical printing.
We recommend sRGB files and CMYK files to print. Please be aware that sRGB colour gamut for display and screens is wider than what can actually print onto a physical item in textile printing. If in any doubt please consult your professional designer.
We are an environmentally friendly pigment printer which comes at a cost with some designs. The saying "you cant have it all ways" really does apply to textile printing. Because of this some darker colours, blacks and really out there bright greens, blues and reds may not be as deep, bright and bold with certain designs in their appearance. Depending on the lighting, solid black backgrounds can look really dark grey or even have a cmyk washed out hazed effect as to can some really darker colours as solid backgrounds. This is due to the light reflecting off the fabric as pigments inks are a surface print rather than a dye and are sealed to the fibres with a finished top layer.. Any solid black background artwork I will replace, where possible, to get a dark result as long as it does not interfere with the overall design.
Any specific requirements should be raised before ordering.
By placing an order with us you agree to the terms and conditions within our company and that you either own the full copyright or have the correct licensing for the designs you are sending us to print. 
Updated June 2021